Fierce Female Issue: A roundup of Fierce Female authors who talk about what it means to be truly fierce

by Sarah Kloth | July 27, 2019

What does it mean to be fierce? Well, this issue of Shelf Unbound is packed full of what it means to be a fierce female. We have an amazing, truly inspiring interviews and a roundup of female authors who share their vision of what fierce means to them.

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Library Journal, STARRED Review

Reviewed by Deborah Bigelow | May 1, 2019

“In light of the #MeToo movement, psychologist Engel provides women with hope, comfort, and
a number of preventative strategies in reacting to and recovering from sexual assault…This
comprehensive book supplies women and interested general readers with everything they need to
know, from healing after childhood abuse to ending sexual harassment. Essential for all women.”

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10 Myths About Rape and Assault to Debunk on Sexual Violence Awareness Day

By Erica Nahmad | April 5, 2019

For all of these reasons and more, many victims chose to stay silent and never report their assault, or more drastically, never tell another soul about what happened to them. According to Beverly Engel, a psychotherapist and author of I’m Saying No!: Standing Up Against Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Pressure, victims are often too ashamed to speak up. “Sexual assault is a very humiliating and dehumanizing act against someone. The person really feels invaded and defiled, and there is a lot of shame attached to that,” Engel told ABC News.

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10 Books That Could Actually Improve Your Life

By Ashley Johnson | April 12, 2019

Life is known for throwing challenges at you when you least expect it. This is the year to get ahead of the game with these self help books and and other inspiring reads. Read on for a great list of books that could change your life!

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8 Books to Jumpstart the Activist in you

New Sparks | April 11th, 2019

I’m Saying No! by Beverly Engel – This She Writes Press author has written a powerful book about standing up to sexual assault, harassment and pressure. We feel honored to get this empowering work into the hands of those who need it.

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8 Books to Jumpstart the Activist in you

by Alison Luther | March 26, 2019

Activism isn’t reserved for those who are angry. It’s for those with concern, conviction, hope and belief in a better society. We rounded up some of the best books to inspire the activist in you – and to strengthen the voice for positive change that we all possess. These are six new books to jumpstart the activist in you.

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How to Support a Friend or Loved One Who Has Been Sexually Abused

by Vanessa Marin | February 27, 2019

If you’re not a survivor yourself but you’re close to one — maybe a partner, friend or family member — you may not be able to fully understand what they’re going through, and you may feel confused or lost about how to best support them. Here’s what you need to know, and how you can be supportive.

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The 8 Definitive Books On Feminism And Its Struggle

by Zak Parker | February 26, 2019

#5 I’m Saying No! by Beverly Engel – Serves as an empowering guide for women as they learn to own their “No!” Beverly empowers readers to stand up against sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual pressure, while equipping them with practical tools to do so. The author pulls from her three decades of experience as a licensed psychotherapist and advocate for victims to help women both build their courage and find their voice. Through well-researched explanations, real-life stories from clients, and helpful guides, Engel builds on the momentum of #MeToo and #TimesUp by encouraging readers to speak out.

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Why getting even may make you feel worse in the long run

by Jennifer Breheny Wallace | November 11, 2017

A colleague steals your idea and then undermines you in front of the boss. It’s human nature to want revenge. But will getting even make you feel better in the long run?

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11 Subtle Signs You Might Be In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

By Kelsey Borresen | March 5, 2018

Don’t let these warning signs fly under the radar.

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Why all men should try therapy, now more than ever

By Sofia Barrett-Ibarria | March 5, 2018

I was recently on a date with a guy that had a promising start. The conversation was flowing, and it was clear we were both attracted to each other. But before we’d even had a second drink he’d brought up his debilitating self-esteem issues. And his latent eating disorder. And his rocky relationship with his father. And not because I asked.

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Why So Many Women Don’t Report Sexual Harassment and Assault

By Beverly Engel | February 22, 2018

When women started coming out of the woodwork stating that they too had been sexually harassed or assaulted by a man, people wondered, “Why did they wait so long to report it?” and “Why didn’t they speak up at the time?”

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