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In The Emotionally Abused Woman, therapist Beverly Engel introduced the concept of emotional abuse, one of the most subtle yet devastating forms of abuse within a relationship. Now Engel exposes the most destructive technique the abuser uses to break our spirit and gain control – and guides listeners on how to free themselves from the shame that can keep them from the life (and the love) they deserve.

Emotionally abused people are gradually stripped of self-esteem, dignity, and humanity – making them feel unworthy and utterly powerless to escape. But they possess a potent tool with which to combat shame: self-compassion. In this book, Engel shows how to access it. Using her highly effective Shame Reduction Program, she helps listeners jumpstart the process of recovery by offering specific steps to help heal, regain self-confidence – and ultimately become empowered enough to leave – for good.

An invaluable resource for both men and women who suffer from emotional abuse, as well as therapists and advocates, Escaping Emotional Abuse is a supportive, nurturing guide for anyone seeking to break the chains of shame, and gain the emotional freedom to create healthier, lasting relationships.

Praise for Freedom at Last

“Beverly Engel’s Freedom at Last nails it! Like no other book on sexual trauma, she focuses on the core issue—shame. Compassionate, thorough, and personal, her book takes former victims gently by the hand and guides them through a step-by-step healing process. Therapy for sexual abuse is incomplete. This workbook can lead you home.”

Darlene Lancer, LMFT, author of Conquering Shame and Codependency

“Beverly Engel’s newest book, Freedom At Last, turns the spotlight directly onto shame, that most elusive and disturbing of all emotions. Shame is like a wound made on the inside by an unseen hand. Engel pulls back the curtain surrounding sexual abuse, revealing an ever-growing cancer of shame within the self. This book is not only a journey into shame, but equally important, a journey out of shame through learning self-compassion and self-forgiveness.”

Gershen Kaufman, Ph.D., Author of Shame: The Power of Caring

“Beverly Engel provides a healing and transformational book for sexual abuse survivors. From a deep understanding of the pain, she illuminates the different stages of recovery and offers a clear path for survivors to regain their life after trauma. Freedom at Last gives voice to sexual assault survivors and shows how they can heal through validation. This is the one, indispensable book that survivors need most.”

Matthew McKay, PhD, author of Healing Emotional Pain Workbook

“Shame is pervasive among survivors of sexual trauma, and especially profound for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Beverly Engel has written a comprehensive and accessible book filled with journal prompts and engaging exercises that skillfully guide and support the reader in freeing themselves from the shame brought on by childhood sexual abuse. A transformative read for survivors as they navigate the healing journey.”

Erika Shershun, LMFT, author of The Healing Sexual Trauma Workbook: Somatic Skills to Help You Feel Safe in Your Body, Create Boundaries & Live With Resilience